Free Consultation

Getsome Productions offers all potential clients a free consultation to discuss their video productions.

The first step in the creation process of your video production is to brainstorm with GETSOME Productions so we can properly assist you in developing a strategy. Once you sit down with our talented staff, you will feel fully confident in our services and creative ideas.
Digital Editing
Using today's most sophisticated equipment and software, we will blend your footage with graphics, music and sound effects to create a visual piece of art.

GETSOME Productions is ready for any project including: commercials & infomercials, corporate training & promotional videos, DVDs, music video's , independent films and more.
DVD Development  
GETSOME Productions can supply you with a complete DVD authoring solution. We will design custom menus and packaging materials to compliment you production efforts.

Present your video production on the highest quality format possible. DVD has many advantages over VHS. DVD will insure that the high detail, color and sound recorded on the master tape is transferred to your audience when they view your production.
Multimedia Productions  

Combining video, music, voice, graphics, photographs and text, GETSOME Productions can make your business presentation an interactive adventure.

  • Use CD-ROMs for training, sales presentations, marketing, trade show handouts and digital business cards.
  • Use DVDs for up to 2 hours of high quality audio & video, full screen, interactive media.
  • Convert pictures into interactive slide shows with sound effects, stylish transitions and music.